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How To Update the Sound Files in Your Spektrum Transmitter
Posted by Jeff Fryer, Last modified by Jeff Fryer on 12 November 2015 11:14 AM

How To Update the Sound Files

in Your SpektrumTM Transmitter


Updating your Spektrum transmitter’s sound files is very simple, and only takes a few steps!


  1. Download the latest sound file from the Spektrum transmitter product page. The sounds for all languages are distributed together as a ZIP file, each language being an individual file of type .SVX. 
  2. Open the ZIP file and export the desired language file from the PC to the SD card.
  3. Right-click on the SD icon on your desktop and select “Eject.” This will ensure that the entire file has been correctly written to the card. Some operating systems will require you to open the task manager to eject the SD card.
  4. Power up the Tx with the SD card installed while holding down the roller. This will boot the radio into System Mode.
  5. Scroll down to the “Transfer SD Card” menu option (bottom of the list) and click the roller.
  6. Select the option “Update Sound”.
  7. Navigate to the file you extracted from the ZIP file and click the roller.
  8. The radio will open this file, verify it, and then transfer it to the sound processor. This typically takes about 5 minutes for a complete load.
  9. The barber pole and progress bar indicate functionality. It is OK for the progress bar to stop (it will stop for as much as 1 minute), but the barber pole will continue to run.  If the barber pole stops, it may be necessary to remove power by unplugging the battery.  You may restart the update.
  10. When the update completes successfully you will be returned to the SD menu.





The most-commonly reported problem is that the radio will start reading the update, get most of the way done, restart and try again.   The usual cause of this is skipping the “Eject” (step 3) above.  Start over at step 2 (copy) again.


If that does not resolve the problem, we suggest using a different SD card, and/or formatting the card and starting again.  Sometimes a card will have a flaw that goes undetected until a file is written to it.  When formatting, don’t use the Quick option.


If you are continuing to have problems, please contact the Product Support group at your nearest Horizon Hobby office for help in resolving it.


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