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Aircraft Telemetry GPS Sensor by Spektrum (SPMA9587)
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Aircraft Telemetry GPS Sensor by Spektrum (SPMA9587)


DX8 requires ver 2.05 / DX7s requires ver 1.02

DX10t requires ver 10.4 / DX18 requires ver 1.02


  • Ground Speed
    The speed of the aircraft relative to the ground
    If the aircraft is flying 50mph into a 10mph head wind the ground speed will read 40mph
    To read true air speed use SPMA9574
  • Altitude
    The distance in feet above Mean Sea Level, (not above the local ground where your located)
    Further if you are “on the beach” you are NOT a 0.0’ MSL
  • Latitude/Longitude
    The coordinates where the aircraft is on the earth
  • Course/ Heading (same thing)
    The direction the aircraft is headed (the model must be moving)
  • Distance to Home
    (This option is listed on the product page on – It is NOT an option and will be removed)
    The number of satellites visible
  • Zone
    The offset value required to convert UTC time to local time
    (Illinois has an offset of -5)


Locate a downed plane
Although this is not mentioned in the official documentation …
If the aircraft is lost (goes down … within range) and the power to the radio system goes out the most recent data remains displayed on the screen.  Entering the coordinates into your favorite mapping/tracking/geocaching application should aid in locating it.  Accuracy of the GPS data is dependant on the number of satellites visible at the time.,mod=13&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

[Full article with illustrated available for download] [9/13/2012]

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