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What is Binding
Posted by Jeff Fryer, Last modified by Jeff Fryer on 25 August 2017 07:03 PM

What is Binding?

Binding is the process of linking the transmitter and receiver together.  Another way to look at it is teaching the receiver which transmitter it should listen to.

With most Spektrum receivers a Bind Plug is inserted into the bind port then power is applied.  A rapid blinking light indicated the receiver is in bind mode.

Most of the Ultra Micro Bind-N-Fly products have Auto-Bind.  Simply powering them on before the transmitter will initiate bind mode.

Press and hold the bind switch or button while powering on the transmitter to enter bind mode.  The LED on the receiver will go out and relight without blinking indicating the connection is successful.

If the bind was not successful ensure the batteries are fully charged, try rebinding from a greater distance, or reorient the transmitter antenna.

Additionally ensure both the transmitter and receiver are compatible. For example, DSM2 receivers will not bind to transmitters only capable of DSMX/DSMR .

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25 Aug 2017