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The AR636 w/SAFE that comes with the Night Visionaire will not initialize unless the plane is sitting motionless on its landing gear.

In this orientation the receiver is upside down (label-side down).

If the customer is looking at the receiver when binding, chances are the plane is on its back and the receiver will never initialize label-side up.

 To bind:

  1.        Place bind plug in receiver and place the plane on its wheels.
  2.        Connect the battery to the esc
  3.        Rx will flash, lower thro stick and trim and place tx in bind mode
  4.        Once rx is bound it will take a further 5-10 seconds to initialize and surfaces will wag.
  5.        Remove bind plug.
  6.        To test AS3X (remove prop) advance throttle past 50% and lower.

When you move plane around surfaces will correct as normal AS3X does.

Hold the plane out of level and press panic: elevator and/or aileron will deflect and not neutralize until plane is level.


Hobbyzone Champ S+ HBZ4500 HBZ4580

Champ S+ does not acquire GPS lock.

  • After powering on the aircraft the rudder wags back and forth several times

  • The green status LED continues to blink.
    • The aircraft is searching for GPS signals.  Ensure the aircraft has an unobstructed view of the sky. Avoid using the GPS feature on days with heavy overcast skys
EFLA1080B Printable Instructions attached

Opterra™ 2m Wing

BNF Basic with AS3X® EFL11180 / PNP EFL11175

Mike McConville design
No tool assembly
3S 4-5000mA max
40A ESC w/Brake,  The motor and ESC used in the Opterra are the same as the Ultimate 2 and the Timber.
3 Camera positions

The camera power connector plugs in with the red wire closest to the servos.