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The AR636 w/SAFE that comes with the Night Visionaire will not initialize unless the plane is sitting motionless on its landing gear. In this orientation the receiver is upside down (label-side down). If the customer is looking at the receiver when bi...
HOBBYZONE CHAMP S+ HBZ4500 HBZ4580 Champ S+ does not acquire GPS lock. * The ailerons are in a full right roll, right up/left down. * This indicates a compass error.  See page 17 in the manual [
EFLA1080B Printable Instructions attached
Opterra™ 2m Wing BNF Basic with AS3X® EFL11180 / PNP EFL11175 Mike McConville design No tool assembly Z-Foam 3S 4-5000mA max 40A ESC w/Brake,  The motor and ESC used in the Opterra are the same as the Ultimate 2 and the Timber. 3 Camera positions
The camera power connector plugs in with the red wire closest to the servos.