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I have gone through ours here and there is no red light during the calibration or the Parameter menu options.


Also once you are in a Parameter menu you cannot go back and change another setting you have to turn off the esc and start over, as stated on step 8. The instructions are correct but you will not see a red light.


Please view the instruction below as I have added in Green so that you will know what to look for during the call.




ESC calibration procedure

Ensure proper ESC function by calibrating the ESC to your

transmitter inputs.

1. Power off the ESC.

2. Ensure your transmitter is powered on, the throttle is not

reversed, the throttle trim is neutral and the throttle travel range is

at 100%. Disable any special functions such as ABS, etc.

3. Press the SET button while powering on the ESC. Release the

button as soon as the red (Green) LED starts to flash.

4. Calibrate the throttle points by pressing the SET button once after

each step.

                 •                            Neutral point (1 Green flash)—leave the throttle at rest, untouched

                •                            Full throttle (2 Green flashes)—pull the throttle fully back

                •                            Full brakes/reverse (3 Green flashes)—push the throttle fully forward

5. The motor will run 3 seconds after the last step is completed.


I have calibrated ours about 30 times and have not got the motor to run for 3 seconds afterwards but the calibration does work correctly.  


Programming the ESC:

1. Connect a fully charged battery to the ESC.

2. Power on the ESC using the ESC switch.

3. Hold the SET button for 1 second until the green LED blinks, then

release the SET button to enter programming mode.

4. Press and release the SET button as needed to get to the desired

menu option (the Green LED will blink corresponding to the menu

item number).

5. When at the desired menu item, press the SET button for 3

seconds until the red (Green) LED blinks.

6. Press the SET button to move among the settings based on

how many times the red (Green) LED blinks (Refer to the table for more


7. Save the setting by pressing the SET button for 3 seconds.

8. Power off the ESC switch and repeat the instructions above to

change other settings


If anyone has any questions please feel free to give me a call.




Scott G.

Product Support Team 

EFLA1080B Printable Instructions attached